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Loki drum colt
Zoey drum mare
Jasmine drum mare
Vanna gypsy filly
Rajah and Thor drum colts
Zoro gypsian colt
Gracie gypsian filly
Delight gypsy mare
Big Shoe Ranch at Minnesota Horse Expo
June Shire mare
Zoey drum foal filly
Jasmine and Rajah drum foals
Zoro gypsian yearling
Rajah, Jasmine and Amy Shire mare and drum foals
Thor Drum gelding
Storm drum foal and Blue gypsy foal both colts
Delight gypsy mare
June Shire mare
Loki drum foal colt
Drum yearlings Rajah, Jasmine and Thor
Zoro gypsian foal colt
Jasmine drum foal filly
Jack stallion and Thor gelding
Zoey foal filly
Jack and Thor
Thor drum gelding
Blue gypsy foal colt
Moose and Duke drum geldings and Chloe gypsy mare
Loki drum foal colt
Big Shoe Ranch Drum group
Big Shoe Ranch Drums
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